E-fusion - berry e-fusion bottle

Berry E-Fusion:

A symphony of flavors combines to make this E-liquid a favorite for those who enjoy a complex blend. The liquid is slightly sweet and full-bodied Raspberry, Strawberry and an addition of a natural blueberry flavor creates a truly pleasant taste and delightful for day-long vaping.

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E-fusion brings you 7 new popular flavors ranging from fruits to espresso and mint flavor E-liquid. This line of E-liquid comes in a 50/50 PG/VG blend. All bottles follow the Current Goods and Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) guidelines and Health Canada supplementary requirements on Bill S-5.

  • Aqua Berry - e-fusion
  • White Pear - e-fusion
  • Berry E-fusion - e-fusion
  • Peach Mango - e-fusion
  • Black Peppermint - e-fusion
  • Cafe Europa - e-fusion
  • Cherry Cola - e-fusion

E-fusion is now sold in Canada!

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By choosing to purchase our E-Fusion E-liquid, you can be assured that every ingredient, process, and material used has been carefully considered and inspected to meet a strict set of standards. We believe that what you Vape should be free from harmful substances, good Vapour production, and a clean crisp taste.

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